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Website Design Portfolio :: PHS Choir Alumni Reunion

About the project

This was a site created for organizing a reunion of several generations of Paramus (NJ) High School choir alumni. it served as a news site about the reunion plans, and as a general information site for all choir alumni from the high school. I designed, created, and coded everything on this site myself, making frequent changes as the reunion plans evolved, over an 18-month period.

The challenge was to create a website which could be used by a core group to plan the reunion, and could also be used by hundreds of other alumni to find each other, register for the reunion, contact the planners, get access to music and recordings for the reunion concert, and get frequent updates on reunion events. It currently includes reunion followup info, lists of "found" and "missing" alumni, a memorial page, vintage recordings of the choir, videos from past and current events, a flat database of music titles performed by the choir over a 27-year span, and hundreds of photos, past and present.

The site was first conceived back in 2001, before CSS2 was widely supported in most browsers, and before it was hosted on a PHP-capable server. Therefore, much of its design is table-based, straight HTML (all handcoded). It now resides on a fast Apache/PHP server, and I may eventually convert the whole thing to PHP and stylesheets, if time allows.

Sample Pages


Home Page

The home page's content changed constantly, with updated reunion news and announcements. It was designed to grab attention, and usually sported brightly colored image alerts. At one time it also featured a large yellow "bubble" which floated around on the page, reminding reunion attendees of registration deadlines.
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PHSChoir phpBB forums theme

PHSChoir Forums

I eventually installed a set of phpBB forums to replace an old third-party message board which the site's users had outgrown. I created a new visual theme just for this site, based on the high school's colors (navy blue and white).
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Reunion Photos

The reunion resulted in hundreds of reunion photos from attendees, and I put them all up on the website, organized by photographer. Each one has a low-res thumbnail linked to a full-size image.
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contact form1

Contact Form

The site continues to be used as an information resource for all choir alumni -- reunion attendees and non-attendees alike.
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