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Website Design Portfolio :: Opera Jamboree!

About the project

This is a very early website, which I first created in 1999 for a friend and fellow opera fan, as a vehicle for his opera reviews. It gained a small but loyal following, and came to include reviews and articles on opera by 12 different authors. It is rarely updated now, but still has an ongoing readership.

The challenge was to make each author's area visually distinct, and to provide navigation among one author's articles, as well as throughout the entire site. This was done with the use of color and image themes, and with author-centric dropdown menus for the individual articles. Each author has his/her own "mini-website" with individual contact links and visual themes. Use of photos and illustrations, and sound clips also distinguish the various reviews.

The website was conceived when Netscape 4x was the most standards-compliant browser available, and when most of its readership came from AOL. They used the AOL-altered version of MSIE as the primary browser, and I had to keep this in mind as I designed the pages. Therefore, much of the site's design is table- and frame-based, straight HTML.

Javascript is used for the internal frame navigation, and a full (frameless) site map is provided for browsers which are unable to view Javascript or frames. The home page uses a Javascript I wrote, which rotates the page background image to one of several composers' faces.

As the site is hosted on a "bare-bones" webserver, third-party services are used for stats/counter, website search, and an ad-supported Guestbook, which I designed to coordinate with the site's overall look & feel.

Sample Pages

Opera Jamboree homepage

Home Page

The home page lists links to each author, and to other website features, like a search function and a guestbook. I wrote a Javascript to randomly change the background image (logos and images of opera composers, which I created) with each Reload of the page.
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Opera Jamboree article thumbnail

Sample Article #1

Each article is illustrated with graphics and/or photos, as appropriate to the topic. Several also have sound clips. Each author has a unique color theme, a menu of available articles, and a mail link to contact the author directly. Frames provide static links to the various other sections of the site.
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Opera Jamboree article thumbnail

Sample Article #2

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Opera Jamboree thumbnail

"What's New" page

This page announces when new articles have been added to the site. Writing activity has waned over the last couple of years, but the various authors still remain in touch.
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