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Website Design Portfolio :: Email Forms and Scripts

About the Scripts

Using PHP, I've written several scripts to process website mail forms. They range from simple message forms, to complex forms which require the user to make choices. I can adapt any of them, or write a custom script, as needed.

These form scripts replace and improve upon the easily-exploited "" script. They feature secure form processing, and cannot be exploited by using them to spam from another server. They also feature protected email address destinations, optionally directed emails by Topic or by Recipient, validation of all required fields, and other additional security measures. The scripts can allow the recipient to see the sender's IP address (for reporting abuse), and browser version used to send the mail (for help with support).

Sample Pages

Ragbert mailform thumbnail

Contact Form

A simple working example of my PHP email form.
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Webboffin thumbnail

Contact Form

Another simple PHP email form, with my little menu opened to show 2 levels.
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Crosswinds Cadre thumbnail

Technical Support Form

This support form is used by hosting clients of It allows the sender to choose both the topic of discussion and the desired recipient. Recipients can have addresses at multiple domains. (The page has a link to more information about the choice of recipients.)

The recipient sees not only the client's question, but also the client's website URL, type of hosting package, browser version, and IP address.
[Larger image]     [Go to the working form]

Application form thumbnail

Application Form

A complex form, which utilizes multiple sets of textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and several comment areas. All required fields are validated, with context-appropriate error messages if they are left empty or filled out incorrectly.
[Larger image]     [Go to the working form]

ChaTcIRCuiT form thumbnail

Contact/Support Form

This was the first site which utilized my PHP form processing script. This form doubles as a contact form and support form for users of ChaTcIRCuiT's IRC server.
[Larger image]     [Go to the working form]

Brookfield Education Foundation questionnaire


A feedback form for event attendees. I created the script to process this already-designed form.
[Larger image]     [Go to the working form]

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