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Website Design Portfolio :: Crosswinds Cadre

About the project

This tutorial site is an ongoing team project, sponsored by Crosswinds webhosting. The challenge was to create a support website as a resource for Crosswinds' hosting clients. The site had to be clear and helpful, and also serve as a self-demo for the design tutorials it contained.

The site uses valid XHTML and CSS. The few pages which contain Javascript are also viewable if the browser's Javascript is disabled. Tables are only used to display specific data in a tabular format. Site navigation and mail forms are PHP-based.

The overall design is a result of team discussion, participation, and testing. I coded the main site templates from designs done by several team members. I also added most of the back-end PHP and DOM scripting, navigation, forms, and wrote some of the internal site content. Various team members created logos, additional images, and many of the tutorials and other pages.

Sample Pages

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Home Page

The large background image is a surfboard (goes with the "beach" theme). A link-activated Javascript* switches CSS stylesheets to remove the background image and the small copyright surfboard, and save the user's choice in a cookie. (* The styleswitcher Javascript was written by Paul Sowden and used with permission.) Most modern web browsers can also switch stylesheets natively in the browser's menu, but MSIE requires a user script to access this function.
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Tutorial List

Note the "smart" menus-- the current page menu items get highlighted and lose their links dynamically as you navigate the site.
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Contact Form

This form uses a PHP script I wrote for email form processing. It replaces the easily-exploited "" script.

The script features secure processing, and cannot be exploited by using it to spam from another server. It also features protected email address destinations, directed emails by Topic or by Recipient, self-validation of all required fields, and other additional security measures. The sent email allows the recipient to see the sender's IP address (for reporting abuse), and browser version used to send the mail.
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Email FAQ

Each screenshot has a slightly different logo. A PHP script rotates through the various available logos and displays one at random upon page Reload -- complete with width, height, alt, and title attributes.
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