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Website Design Portfolio :: ChaTcIRCuiT

About the project

This was a redesign of an IRC server's website which has been around, in one form or another, since 1996. The previous designs were table-based and fixed-width, in accordance with older screen resolutions and the standards of the day. My goals included making a liquid layout which would "flex" as screen widths changed, using CSS for presentation, and getting rid of the many tables which were no longer necessary for structure.

I adapted the previous logo (designed by the incomparable mies) by editing its original colors and merging it into the new page design. Pages are dynamically created using PHP includes. The Contact Form is processed with an original PHP script, which is self-validating, and much more secure than the well-known "formmail" Perl script variants out there (see below for details).

Sample Pages

ChaTcIRCuiT homepage

Home Page

This was one of the first table-less 3-column layouts I'd ever done. I was emulating the "PHP-Nuke-style" look, with menu items arranged into boxes along the sides of a central content area. All positioning is done using CSS, and the appearance or absence of any one column or box is determined by PHP script. In this layout, the side columns are fixed-width, and the center content area is liquid.
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ChaTcIRCuiT thumbnail

IRCops List

This is a 2-column variant of the home page. Note that the side menus are "smart" -- if the page being viewed matches a menu item, the item automatically loses its link and gets highlighted in a "you are here" fashion. I wrote the PHP script that does this.
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Contact Form

For this site, I wrote a brand new PHP script for email form processing. It replaces the easily-exploited "" script.

My script features secure processing (it cannot be exploited by using it to spam from another server), protected destinations (no email addresses are visible to spammers or to harvesting software, not even in "hidden" form fields), directed emails by Topic, self-validation to make sure all required fields are completed, and additional security by preventing someone from pasting malicious code into the form. It also allows the recipient to see the sender's IP address (for reporting abuse), and browser version used to send the mail.

I've used variants of this script on several websites now. It can be edited to process multiple forms, multiple recipients, or complex form elements like checkboxes and radio buttons. Mail can be directed to different recipients, based on chosen topic, or by adding a choice of recipients to the form.
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