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Website Design Portfolio :: Boston Musical Theater

About the project

This was a complete website redesign for a performing vocal/instrumental group. The previous design had been created several years ago in Microsoft FrontPage, and was incompatible with current web standards -- in some browsers the former design actually broke because it used MSIE proprietary code, which only that browser could render.

My goals included a completely new design which all current browsers would be able to display properly. I coordinated it with the organization's stationery logo, and updated the information on the website to advertise upcoming concerts and new personnel. I templated the design using PHP so that new pages can be added easily. New images were created/chosen to evoke the patriotic theme of the music currently being performed.

The current design conforms to current web standards and can be viewed properly in all modern browsers, including AOL and MSIE.  PHP includes are used to pull in static page sections like the menu, logo, and footer. A special PHP script lets the menu dynamically "know" which page is being viewed, and it displays the name of that page as a non-link.

Sample Pages

Boston Musical Theater Home Page

Home Page

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Artist Photos and Bios

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Upcoming Concert

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