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I learned to code HTML by hand, back when Netscape 2.0 was the leading web browser, and the <font> tag reigned supreme. You can type a website in a text editor from start to finish, without ever opening a fancy WYSIWYG program. The discovery that the most intricate, colorful, illustrated web page is still basically a text file gave me, and continues to give me, a magical thrill.

Since then, The rules have evolved and become and more open to interpretation; the font tag and others are now deprecated. More powerful browsers have appeared (and disappeared), and HTML now co-exists on a web page with CSS, XML, PHP, Javascript, and more. The thrill is still there. I love it as much now as I did on the day I typed my first font tag.

I still code by hand. I never have to ask "Where did *that* come from??" If it's there, then I typed it there, and I can fix it, remove it, apologise for, or take credit for it.

I design a new project specifically for the client. I don't use generic pre-made templates; therefore, every client can be assured that their site is unique and original. I can emulate a design already being used in the client's print media, or come up with something brand new.

To the best of my ability, I adhere to web standards. My web pages are readable by all modern browsers. Discussions with people who use non-graphic browsers have made me try to make new designs accessible to people who are colour-blind, or who have their web pages read out loud to them by a speech synthesizer. Differences from one browser to the next can sometimes render designs differently, but the information will still be accessible. CSS has made this much easier, since the content of a page can now be separated from the content's style/presentation.

I'm comfortable working alone, or as part of a team. I constantly learn new skills and techniques so that I can always provide the highest quality services for my clients. I also partner with top-level talent, to make every site the best it can be.

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