Credits and Acknowledgements

This site owes thanks to the following individuals and websites who graciously have allowed us to use and learn from their technology:
Crosswinds Webhosting:
Professional hosting with terrific support!
Crosswinds:   Professional hosting & support
Jan Goyvaerts' EditPad,
the best Notepad replacement:
EditPad, the best Notepad replacement!
TextPad, a terrific HTML editor:Textpad HTML editor
David Griffiths' "Lake" & "Snow" applets:        David Griffiths' Java applets button
Unfortunately, David Griffiths closed up shop and stopped updating and supporting his fantastic applets. But they are still in wide use and easily found on the web.
Joe Barta's Page Tutor: The Best HTML Tutorials on the web!
The JavaScript Source: The JavaScript Source
Atomz Site Search: Atomz
Links to free resources of all kinds: The Free Site!
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